SriPekan girls: Reception at Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort

On 18.3.2018 the reception was held at Tok aman bali beach resort which 15 minutes away from our house. The scenery near Tok aman bali is very beautiful and have nice view of beach in front of the resort. The staff at TAB resort is very friendly and very easy going which they're try to fulfill our needs. The hall is perfectly can fit our unexpectedly guest that come on that day. Overall, we're very pleased and enjoy having ceremony at TAB resort. Actually there's a lot of picture in the hall but currently only few of them be uploaded here. Will collect the best and pretty picture from everyone and then will post in here ya.

Thank you so much to our friend Epah together with us since majlis akad nikah till end of majlis. Really really appreciate it! I will treat you something delicious okay epah.. muahh..
To my bff #Buddies #F3A thank you for coming and seeing you together on my family's special day just make my day. Guccigang Guccigang.. HAHA
Not forgetting to our families members who are work hard to make the ceremony is successful and enjoy the moment together. 


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