New Year New Wish List

Hi, please smile to absorb positive feeling. Take a deep breath-Inhale-exhale. Lets start !

1) Earn and saving half of salary. Aim to achieve RM 50K this year! (In dream but its okay lah) :)
2) Get a better job and higher salary. Current job is okay but the salary need to improve more for a better living.
3) Dream to travel oversea. In list: Turkey, China, Indonesia, Europe, Russia, Ethiopia (tamadun terawal) read history! and many more to explore. 
4) For this year, I have my dream car (Toyota & Honda).. well at least can drive comfortably when going back to hometown.. but I already have one. and will used it efficiently. Thank you White Saga.
5) Get a better house. My big dream is to buy a house. So, that i can deco it beautifully and stylishly. Apart from that, easy for mom n dad to stay longer with me. 
6) Taste a good food. While still have energy and teeth we should discover a superb and delicious food in country. 
7) Keep fit. My current weight is 54kg. Need to reduce at least 3kg. or at least stay fit around weight 50kg. Lets start!!!
8) Let go the past story. Start a new chapter with new story. Write about the positive things and meet with new  people. with that we will know the people's nature :)
9) Be strong emotionally and mentally. Don't get upset with a small thing. Be strong! Watch KDrama to improve sense of humor. Haha.
10) Open your heart to someone new. Forget people who walk away from your story. The past is always good teacher for future :)
11) Forgive those who hurt you. Keep smile and watch KDrama. 
12) Don't afraid of getting hurt. Keep learning new things. Keep moving and accept challenge to pursue sweet things ahead.
13) Don't be Hj Bakhil (stingy) be generous and always think we are in middle of stage.. some people have food, some people are starving.. always be thankful to Allah s.w.t.
14) Smile Smile Smile.. helps healing the sadness :)
15) Treat Parents a good meal. Omma & Appa just saying what you need and want to eat Insya'Allah I will try to fulfill it. 
16) Cherish my day. Treat my self a pretty dress and delicious food! happy tummy happy girl. Be confidence in your looks
17) Increase self-esteem. Start to talk with random people.. Be friendly and beware!
18) Be visible, Be attractive
19) Love will come, get ready! Ahaksss
20) Last but not least, keep calm and say THANK YOU ALLAH <3

That's all for a moment.. 
Your self.


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