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New Year New Wish List

Hi, please smile to absorb positive feeling. Take a deep breath-Inhale-exhale. Lets start !

1) Earn and saving half of salary. Aim to achieve RM 50K this year! (In dream but its okay lah) :) 2) Get a better job and higher salary. Current job is okay but the salary need to improve more for a better living. 3) Dream to travel oversea. In list: Turkey, China, Indonesia, Europe, Russia, Ethiopia (tamadun terawal) read history! and many more to explore.  4) For this year, I have my dream car (Toyota & Honda).. well at least can drive comfortably when going back to hometown.. but I already have one. and will used it efficiently. Thank you White Saga. 5) Get a better house. My big dream is to buy a house. So, that i can deco it beautifully and stylishly. Apart from that, easy for mom n dad to stay longer with me.  6) Taste a good food. While still have energy and teeth we should discover a superb and delicious food in country.  7) Keep fit. My current weight is 54kg. Need to reduce at le…


Assalamualaikum semua !
Dear past, thank you for all the lessons. I heard this quotes "when the past calls, let it go to voice-mail. It has nothing new to say". I guess its true what they say.. because new year should be filled with  new memories, new spirit, new adventure, sweet things and importantly avoid negative vibes! Only share the moments with someone/group that always besides you and never left when difficult arise. Family & Friends thank you for still with me and always make my life more colorful.
Dear Future, lets sing and dance to a happy song! Daily reminders: I am amazing! I can do anything! Positive Mind, Vibe & Life. Fill in my mind with something positive words will make me always be a positive person. I hope this new year will less negative thoughts and aim for something bigger! (background song: Ayam Mee ft Ds Vida)