Pre-Convo Master 2017


Yes, again! the previous entry was about my convocation's day. Today, I just wanna share my pictures with my friends that taken one week before convocation day as we called "Pre-Gday". My friends and I decided to hire a photographer to captures all the memories of group "The Buddies" that we have spent for the whole one year and half in UiTM Shah Alam. On April 8, My friends and me gather up at DATC for collect the attendance's registration and collect the 'jubah convo'. So sad that two (Ala and Yan) "The Buddies's" member were not able to join us! However, Kin and Jiah (wear jeans) have joined the photoshoot's session.  These photos was captured at certain place which most spent during the study time; Taman, Library, entrance of FBM & Bus stop. I'm so grateful because my circle of friends are very optimism and enthusiasm. We go through ups and downs together, advice and support each other, so that, no one feeling alone. Ouuch so touch with all the kindness and sweet memories. So, lets tour the best place in Uitm!

 Actually, we just discover this park.. So lame! haha

Cliche and trending pose. We did it! 

My cinema's partner

The best presentation award in class by Lectures; they deserved it!

Their type: Observation 

My Lepak n Cinema's partner. HAHA 

It's okay to pose like this.. as long as we are not eat the grass!

Wish can swim in that pool! so Hot!!

I believe I can fly.. and yes, I proved it! 

Wefie time.

She said I'm Photogenic girl.. (blushing..)

I L-O-V-E You
 (including Ala & Yan)

Syisyi, u sit at the wrong spot! kahkah

Best landmark of UiTM 


Free style pose. No ideas. many people waiting to pose here while eagerly looking at us! 

the best caption: "Menuju puncak" yes, there's one more stage waiting for us.
 It's my dreams. 

It's so difficult to climb at the hill.. it's worth taking picture here.

High Dreams, High ambition.. next stage still waiting for us! 
can we fly together again?

PTAR 2 our second house. 
we sleep, eat, make research, gossiping, best home ever!

we planned to take picture in the library..
so sad! the library closed after 5 pm.
and IDK what we discuss after all...

Bus stop.
Our second transport to go and back from class 

"Dear Photographer, are you tired?"
4 hours following and captured our best pictures with variety of pose and style.

Entrance of FBM (Faculty Business Management) 

This pose is just practicing so that I can pose like this with my future one (oneday) ! HAHA 

I said to her "Mira, just smile naturally, she's taking our picture non stop.. make it worth!"

Thank you mira for your delicious kek batik sarawak and Laksa sarawak! definitely will fly to Sarawak for your cake and Laksa.

There's a lot of picture to share with. but I think it is enough for this entry. Thank you!


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