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Pre-Convo Master 2017

Yes, again! the previous entry was about my convocation's day. Today, I just wanna share my pictures with my friends that taken one week before convocation day as we called "Pre-Gday". My friends and I decided to hire a photographer to captures all the memories of group "The Buddies" that we have spent for the whole one year and half in UiTM Shah Alam. On April 8, My friends and me gather up at DATC for collect the attendance's registration and collect the 'jubah convo'. So sad that two (Ala and Yan) "The Buddies's" member were not able to join us! However, Kin and Jiah (wear jeans) have joined the photoshoot's session.  These photos was captured at certain place which most spent during the study time; Taman, Library, entrance of FBM & Bus stop. I'm so grateful because my circle of friends are very optimism and enthusiasm. We go through ups and downs together, advice and support each other, so that, no on…

Master 2017

Alhamdulillah after one year and half, Finally, I'm graduated from Master in Office Systems Management.  Special thanks to my family for their endless support in term of moral and (of course) financially. Also, not forget to all my friends and lectures. Omma (my mama) thank you and I'm really touched that you are willing to come on my Gday. Yeah, surely you're tired after a few hours in flight from Turkey. Arrived in the morning at KLIA and had to come directly to my ceremony. First thoughts had in my mind; that I will be alone.. no one will waiting for me (sobsob). Well.. seeing both of you waiting for me extremely felt grateful. It's okay for the rest not coming due to their personal business as long as my omma is with me. 
I think the environment of study of Master's level is quite fun and leisure. No pressure (unless last minute work on assignment) and what the best thing is you started to learn on how to execute your work @ report without de…