Officially Graduated Bachelor in Office Systems UiTM

Assalamualaikum guys.

Previous entry is about Pre G-day, today, the entry about my official G-Day!
For all this times, im really appreciated and thanks to my beloved parents for their support in term of financial, encouragement, advice, and all good things.  Without them, i am unable to complete my study, well, at one time i've felt to give up on my study, cannot digest the knowledge that related to systems, it is truly made me felt to quit further the study. Alhamdulillah, everything is run smoothly and you just need to push yourself to the higher level, then, everything will be okay. I love both of you Ma & Pa.  Not forgetting my friends who always besides me, those F3A members who help me a lot in the study. i love them so much uri chinggu ya. All the lectures in UiTM Machang, thank you for your patience, times, advice, knowledge, and support to us.   

p/s: Lepas keluar dewan, semua orang dah entah kemana.. haha.. semua sibuk dengan family. yang jumpa kebetulan je sempat ambik gambar.. keke.. F3A, kita jumpa di wedding moknis la deh..


13th Mei 2015,
 UiTM Shah Alam, Dewan DATC


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