CT Graduation's day

fuhhh.. lepas update entry pasal korea terus sunyi sepi blog ni. Itu pon separuh episode Hello South Korea tak sempat nak update. T.T  

Harini curi masa skit nak update pasai akak punya G-Day!

~ Tahniah sis on your Graduation Day ~

i knew that i'm a little bit annoying sister (Haha) 
you are my best sister ever
no one can replace you
i always wanna kiss and hug you
i always wanna kick you
sometimes we argue about small thing
you are popular among our family because of too much spend the time on sleep ZzZzz

but i love you so much!!

~ My big family ~
(except my father missing somewhere!)
im so jealous with you siti, all our family members are gathering here to celebrate on your G-Day
Thank you


  1. yr father is smoking somewhere....always always smoking...

    dont be jelous...ins syaa Allah all will try to come for yr next convo...

  2. hihi thank you mok jaa~ *muah~


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