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Demam Exam !

Assalamualaikum !

oh ye, kita warga degree UiTM dah nak exam ni!! Deman takotttt.. risauuu.. semua ada lah, dah la sem ni subject semua perghh killer semuanyaa.. insya'allah lulus semua subject and everything will goes well. please pray for us =). After this, sibuk pulak mencari tempat nak praktikal. arghhh.. mana semua feedback dari company yang dah dihantar resume tu? ayoooi, semua org dah ada tempat praktikal and me? i don't have even 1 feedback. well, will struggling for that after this. =} 
Deman exam pon, yet my class still pergi trip ke cameron highland lagi. but this time was not for fun. Actually, this trip is under Change management, and Dr.Nik arranged for us. I'm sorry Dr.nik, its not our intention not to join the trip but we have a lot of work need to be done. Yes, i feel very guilty to my beloved Dr.Nik, i hope we were not disappointed you =], Insya'Allah, dengan izin-Nya kami akan berusaha untuk jawab paper change in final exam dengan jayanya.  
Puasa is…

Cameron highland


Semester 5 (Tok Bali)

has been long time, since the last entry updated was 1 month ago. and now, i just can upload these of pictures and enjoy with the study and assignment. pray for the best in our last semester in Degree office system.