back to normal life..hohh..

Assalamualaikum guys!

how's ur holiday? hihi.. am sure all my friends have a great days during their holiday.. enjoy as you can. i wanna enjoy too, when thinking that the day for return back to Uitm is getting less i felt that i have do something extraordinary so my mama and papa will be miss me when im not longer at home!..hikhikhik.. cook something delicious is the one ways to make them impress with me.. haha..

 aktivity kat rumah setiap hari sama sahaja. be a nanny to my niece and nephews, there's a lot of work need to do at home.. tired? i bet my mum was more tired than me! and i wish i can help mum with the cook, clean etc.. my kaki seperti dah terikat kat rumah, no transport no where we can go ;( haha.. terkurung dalam rumah aje.. hanya menanti my bf and gf come to my house.. alahaiiiii........

sempena cuti raya cina.. my big brothers and their family were at home.. only my older sister was not with us, happening sekejap suasana rumah dengan anak-anak kecil ni.. i love them so much! tokma memang tak menang tangan nak layan cucu semua.. haha.. ciksu kan worries. wait for raya la pulak nak happening macam tu.. dear family, i love all of you very much!


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