i'm back! hope wish came true.

Assalamualaikum and hi guys!

Long time no see yeah.. almost 3 months i've not been sign in here. Busy with final exam and many other things. within the period of time i've a lot of story to share here.. too much story either its hurt and bring the joy in my life.. well, thats all is the experiences in my life to be more stronger and be more careful for further.

firstly, i wanna thanks to my beloved friends since they are struggle to surprise my birthday party! love you guysss!!!

second, thanks Allah... finally we finished sem4 in degree.. more 2 sem to go! but i hope that everything is going smoothly.. successfully, excellent as my parent's hope for.

third, stranger please dont disturb my life.. as i dont disturb yours.. wish all of us have blessed from Allah s.w.t.

fourth, i hope this year of 2014 can bring more joyfulness, maturity, prosperity, blessing, good healthy, good friends gf.bf, cheerful family,  and many other a like.

lastly, i promise something to my parents, i'll try hard to achieve it ! we'll see the result soon :)


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