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It's all bout KL and BM4B

Assalamualaikum !
Oh hooiii, im back! there's a lot of picture taken during trip to KL with classes. The aim of this trip is to visit company, which is Museum Telecom and Noraini's Cookies, unfortunately Noraini's Cookies was not open on that day even though both of us side have deal this matter before! what derrr.. then we changed the location to Syah Alam's Library. Both of this place are very awesome and interesting place ever i have been visited ! double like =)
Malam pertama sampai kami sepatutnya pergi ke Wangsa walk, tapi sebab *hujan* driver bas tanak hantar kitorang ke sana, k fine. then, weolls ni decide nak pergi Time Square sendirian berhad. haha.. pandai pulak naik LRT bagai.. hohoho   oh yea, on the same day ada football match between kelantan vs pahang, maybe driver bas nak pergi tengok bola kot.. 
Here we are! when we reached there, TS almost closed :(  poor us.
then we decided went to Bukit Bintang.. searching for MEKDI  haha.. 
macam comel je,  macam…