Parcel from InterPals..

Assalamualaikum and Happy Friday guys ! :)

Interpals is a site where we can 'meet' people all around the world. I have a lot of friends from different language such as Turkey, Indonesia, China, Germany, London, Korean, Italy and so on.. from there i gain a lot of information about their cultural and i have learn a little bit their language. It was very interesting! besides, it is very easy for people who love to travel.. me me me! i love travel, indeed, i wish i could have a lot of money.. haha..

Parcel from Interpals.. recently, i have received the parcel from my Interpals, Nazife Cebeci. Thank you dearest friend Nazife Cebeci from Turkey because send me a few of things as our friendship gifts :)
I'm very appreciate it and very very happy have you as my friend even we are just meet through Interpals and Facebook site.. Nazife is very nice and humble person,She from Safranbolu Turkey .. i'm very glad knew her as my international friend.

We always chatting about our own country and ourselves. As we know Turkey is a famous country especially Istanbul.  I'm really wanna go there! i wanna feel by myself how Turkey was.. Turkey also famous with the Islamic architecture and the interesting about their people and place such as Sultanahmet, Beyoglu, Istanbul etc.. oh yess, there also famous with hot air bellon. Even Malaysia also provide it but it not open everyday, just for festival only. Well, if i have opportunity i will visit Turkey and meet with nazife :) insya'allah.

This is from Nazife Cebeci, Safranbolu Turkey
T-Shirt of Istanbul

I'm really love it! hopefully our friendship will lasting till Jannah, Insya'allah..
even we are far far away but we are close inside of our heart..hehehe <3

P/s :  from me, i still searching for something to give you as souvenirs from Malaysia, and lately i'm quick busy with school.. hopefully you can patiently wait the parcel from me yeah! 
and so sorry for being late :)


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